Over 75% of AVERPEAUX’s customers are shoe manufacturers producing ladies, men’s and children’s shoes for smart or casual wear, in the upper or middle class range, and to whom the quality of the materials are essential.

We also supply small leather-goods companies such as handbag manufacturers, garment producers, chiropodists, bookbinders ...

Our experience in exporting leathers has been gained over many years.

In 1976 we exported 45% of our production and were awarded "Le Grand-Prix de l’Exportation" by our region Midi-Pyrénnées.

Canada USA Europe Pakistan China Korea South Africa "Averpeaux"’ leathers have been sold worldwide.
Europe -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United-Kingdom.
América ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
U.S.A, Canada.
Asia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hong-Kong , Korea, Taiwan , Pakistan , China.
Africa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks to the efforts we put into the creation and quality control of our products, AVERPEAUX continues to attract new clients every year.
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