AVERPEAUX sells all types of tanned leathers, dyed and finished for all sectors within the leather industry, mostly for shoe making ,but also for wallets, bags , garments and for all types of crafts.

    Since the beginning, Averpeaux has specialised in the production of natural leathers, full-grain drum dyed , and in most cases very soft.
"Natural" , "Softness" , are two characteristics in step with the current fashion.

    Some world renown French shoe manufacturers count among Averpeaux ‘s regular customers, who have chosen our products as they exactly meet present market requirements : QUALITY , NATURAL FINISH , COMFORT.

Founded in 1949 by André Avérous, our Company took its present name "Société AVERPEAUX" in 1966.
In 1978, Jacques Avérous, who started to work for the Firm in 1972 succeeded his father at the head of the family Company, and still manages it.
His son, Eric, joined the Company in 1997.

Since its establishment, AVERPEAUX, has selected leather from many parts of the world. The raw material is then worked to order by our specialist tanners.

Without exception, the final stages of production i.e. quality control, selection of grades and conditioning of the finished leathers are done on our premises by our own staff.

Quality of our products
Our tanners respect the same standards of quality that are the cornerstones of our company : respect of the manufacturing processes; respect of tried and tested techniques; respect of quality control at all stages; respect of delivery dates.

Quality of relationships

Our customers and suppliers have, in most cases, been our partners for many years.

Within the sphere of shoe and fancy leather-goods we have always and still do create many types of products in association with our customers according to their needs.
The application of this principle of personalisation of our products and processing is guaranteed at all levels within our Company, and is indeed our driving motivation.

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