The raw materials we use come from various places, such as: France , Spain, India , Pakistan , Bangladesh, China , Middle-East .... We buy them in various conditions according to either technical requirements of the finished leather we intend to produce, or export regulation policies of exporting countries.

Our purchases include :

Pickled Pelts

Allowing all tanning process options.

Specially intended for chrome or semi-chrome tan.

Tanned leathers ready for dyeing and finishing.

Goat and Kidskins soft , anilin or semi-anilin in various finishes.
Goatskins soft, drum-dyed "plongé" ; or anilin glazed on veg tan.
Goatskins pigmented and/or printed.
Sheepskins (wool and hair sheepskins) : semi-anilin nappa finish
Sheepskins (woolsheepskins) : glazed drum-dyed veg tan.
Calfskins anilin or semi-anilin finishes, in sides or full pieces.

Should you have any special requirements, we will be pleased to place our materials, extensive knowledge and experience at your disposal, in order to find an appropriate solution to your needs. Ultimately, we hope to guarantee you a highly effective, reactive and lasting partnership.

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